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The Downbeat - 13 July 2010 - #270 - The Big Al Edition

Deron's golf tournament over the weekend raised $65k for the Shriners hospitals in Salt Lake. I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that with Deron's comments about everyone else making moves, the Jazz move on a deal for Jefferson shortly after.

For the two of you that haven't seen this yet,

DIME mag has a list of 5 things the Jazz need to do this summer,

  1. Let Matthews go
  2. Re-sign Ronnie B
  3. See what they have in Jeremy Evans
  4. Sign a shooter
  5. Give CJ and the KOOF big minutes.
The Jazz are well on their way to the first two. They'll likely sign Evans. A shooter is definitely a possibility. CJ will already get big minutes but the KOOF is not going to see any minutes if all if the Jefferson trade goes through.

Of course this was written before the Al news broke.

Should the Jazz trade for Jefferson, who is left that you would want to sign? Harrington? Another wing?

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