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Because no one else seems to want to... Kosta Koufos -- he gone!

He was the missing part of the deal that netted us Al Jefferson . . . we remember him for a lot of things -- being told at draft time that he'll be "like Dirk or Memo"; watching him start vs. Philly as a rookie vs. Elton Brand; having him never be allowed to a) get off the bench in Utah, or b) be sent down to the NBA-DL.

We'll never forget his triumph vs. Johan Petro in the NBA Playoffs - a titanic battle of the Wilt/Russell stature.

Use this place to share your memories / make fun of the front office / make fun of me / make fun of Kosta going to a place that's less "Greek-friendly" than SLC was.

I'm going to not bring any stats to the table here.