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Audio From Kevin O'Connor On the Al Jefferson Trade

Courtesy of the Utah Jazz,

Some highlights,

  • They had explored trading for Jefferson at the trade deadline and then again at the draft. When Minnesota traded for Beasley, that's when the Jazz made their move.
  • O'Connor said Jefferson would be used at the 4 and the 5.
  • They still have to do the physical
  • He didn't seem too concerned with the DWI that Al got earlier this year. They were more interested in how he handled it and reacted to it.
  • Said they had eyed him in the 2004 draft but his injury may have played a part in the Jazz not drafting him.
  • Thinks he'll become a better passer given the improvement of Malone and Boozer
  • Both he and Jerry were appreciative for the Miller family for spending the money to acquire Jefferson.
  • He wouldn't comment on Matthews
  • Sad to see the KOOF go but felt they had another logjam. Of course even with just the KOOF, there's going to be a logjam.