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Raja Bell talks about coming back to the Jazz

Audio courtesy of KALL

--He really appreciates the Jazz franchise and Jerry in particular for giving him the opportunity to turn into the player that he is now
--He really enjoys doing the things that Jerry calls for on defense
--He's healthy; no problems with his wrist
--Turned down offer from Miami and had been scheduled to meet with LA, San Antonio, and Chicago
--No better fans out there than Jazz fans and he's really excited to come back
--Wants to win but also wanted to go to a team where he could make a real contribution
--Picking up Al Jefferson was huge; he really likes Gordon Hayward
--Is on first-name basis with Jerry
--Will come to Utah for physical on Monday
--Is old school and doesn't do any tweeting or Facebooking; he's only coming to play

Have I told you how excited I am?? ;)