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The Downbeat - 16 July - #273 - The Moving On Edition

So since we're destined to have to play the Lakers in the playoffs, how do new Jazz men Al Jefferson and Raja Bell play against them?

Al has had quite a bit of individual success against LA but being that he played with Minnesota, his team hasn't won a lot. He's put up about 18 & 11 lifetime against LA (19 & 12 per 36 minutes) but is just 1-11 lifetime. His lone win came when he was with Boston.

Raja on the other hand has had more success against Kobe going 12-11 in the regular season. Bryant has had some big games against Raja and it's hard to say how many minutes of those games have been actual head-to-head match-ups. Kobe's numbers are a bit down from his average though in those head-to-head games.

Kobe jacks up a couple more field goals a game when facing Raja but shoots a little worse overall percentage-wise.

Can't wait for the Lakers games now.

Speaking of which, and thank to moni for the link, here's some sour grapes on the Lakers not getting Bell,

The decision clearly shows that Bell values money and stability, rather than getting a shot at winning the title. Bell accepted a three-year offer reportedly worth $10 million, and the Lakers can offer no more than the $1.77 million remaining on their mid-level exception.

I don't have a problem with players looking out for their long-term future, particularly with a possible lockout looming after the 2010-11 season. But this is a different circumstance. A season after the Warriors waived him once he opted to have season-ending surgery on his injured wrist, Bell should've been jumping at any chance he could get to join the Lakers. At Utah, Bell joins a team that lost Carlos Boozer to Chicago and has a long-held reputation for being incredibly consistent in making the playoffs but ultimately falling short.

Except he does have a problem with it. I mean, everyone and anyone should be joining the Lakers just because it's LA, right? It's funny how Raja goes from a Wade-stopper and another piece to another championship to a has-been because he spurned LA.

From Korver's FB page this morning,

Hey Jazz fans! Just wanted to take a couple minutes and say thank you for everything you guys have done for me these past 2.5 years. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I came here. My Grandpa Korver always tells me, when you pray, expect the unexpected. Well, Utah was very unexpected! But man.... but you guys have helped make these past seasons the most enjoyable of my career.

I have a lot of respect for everyone associated with the Jazz. They run a 1st class organization and I am very grateful for the opportunity that they gave me. I feel like I grew as a player and as a person while I was here..and I think that has to do a lot with the company that you keep.

Several other things came up in Utah besides the Jazz. Seer Group and Seer Clothing are the results of the efforts of lots of people here. It is our intention for Seer Group to continue in SLC for many years to come. There are several purposes for our foundation, but one of the biggest ones is to say thank you. So, thank you to this community for all you've been and done for me and my family. See you guys next year. When the schedule comes out, I'll have that Jazz game circled!

That should be a mixed bag of reactions when the Bulls come to town. On one hand you'll have Korver and possibly Brewer, and on the other you have Boozer. Korver and Brewer will be coming off the bench so they're not going to get the intro that Boozer will. So we'll see Boozer booed and get cheers when Korver and Brewer check into the game. I wonder how many pink 26 jerseys will still be in the crowd not only for that game, but for every home game?

New poll thanks to vizzle07