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One for the [Weekend] Road: Henry Abbott on the Jazz's Latest Moves

Audio courtesy of KALL

--Why he shaves his head
--Thoughts on Michael Beasley

3:45-8:30, 10:40-11:40
--AJ may be the most offensively-gifted young big in the league, has a lot of skills Carlos Boozer will never have
--Has reservations about AJ's defense, but is excited to see how he will develop under Jerry Sloan ("It's Jerry Sloan time.")
--AJ and Boozer are opposites: Boozer didn't really have an NBA body but put in the work to get what he could out of it; AJ has the potential to be one of the great post scorers of all time, but needs to figure out how live up to the potential
--Raja Bell is one of his favorite players in the NBA, but concerned about injuries
--Likes Hayward, but he won't be changing the team next season. Hayward battles and has heart (which is what we seem to like in Utah)
--When Evan Turner was asked before the draft which of his fellow draft picks he would want to play with for the rest of his career, he said Hayward
--Loves Wesley Matthews as a player; he absolutely has potential to be a key player, but isn't worth $7 mill
--Would rank the Jazz 4th in the west; it's do-or-die time now

--Thoughts on LeBacle (doesn't think it was a big deal)