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The Downbeat - 19 July 2010 - #274 - The Belated Anniversary Edition


  Raja will have his press conference today at 2:30 MDT.  I'm sure you can catch it on KFAN.

  So what now, now that summer league is over, there really isn't anything NBA related going on.   The season schedule normally gets released around the first week in August, so that will be an oasis in the off-season wasteland.

The big date we'll be looking forward to is when Utah East, otherwise known as the Chicago Bulls will be coming to town.  Maybe the team can hold a 99% off sale on Korver, Boozer, and Brewer jerseys?  I'm sure Boozer is looking forward to the schedule release so he can plan his injuries.

Any other games you're looking forward to?

  I completely missed the one-year anniversary of the Downbeat.  The first one was June 23, 2009.  It also took me a bit to start naming them, numbering them, and settling in on a format.

I can't believe I started it in June though given the lack of stuff going on then and given that it was at the start of the summer.  It was originally intended to give you an idea of what was coming up on SLC Dunk that day but I quickly realized that I wasn't that organized.

So thanks, once again, for your reading and your contributions.

  O'Connor on whether Raja's injuries are a concern (from the Deseret News),

I actually think it's better, less minutes on the legs. If you look at this, he keeps himself in terrific shape and it wasn't a leg injury that he hand, it was a hand, and that can happen to anybody. The biggest thing we concerned ourselves with was we look at Bruce Bowen as an example with his age and gave those as the same kind of years that hopefully we get out of Raja. Is there a concern? There's always is a concern, for anybody. ... One of the statistics that we use is number of minutes played, and his number of minutes played is really reasonable for where he is in his career.

I'm amazed at just how few peaks and valleys there have been in Raja's stats.  Maybe that's the best thing about him is that he's a known quantity and you know what you're going to get from him each seasonl.

 The Dodge Barrage registration opens in two weeks.  The fee is $500 a team for a team of 8-10.  The tourney is on Saturday, September 18 and sounds like it's going to be an all-day thing given that there are now 96 teams.

We had a poll a bit back and we had enough for about two teams.  So now it's time to put up.  I want to be ready to go with the funds on August 1st so we can sign up and make sure to have a spot.  So please feel out this form and I'll be in touch.