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The Downbeat - 2 July 2010 - #263 - The 4>1 Edition

I hadn't seen this twist to the Boozer S&T to Orlando. From DIME mag,

The proposed sign-and-trade for Boozer would have Orlando getting Boozer while giving the Jazz Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat and Brandon Bass.

That's about $27M in salaries so we would have to be sending about $10M in salary their way. I really don't see how that happens or why the Jazz would want Carter. The only upside to that is that his contract comes off the book next season as well and might be tradeable down the line.

However, Bass' agent is saying that the trade has no legs. Maybe the inclusion of Carter is why. There's no reason for the Jazz to take him unless they sent AK as part of the trade. Otherwise, it would take 3 KOOF salaries to make things match.

Of course, since Bass' agent has said that, that usually means that a trade is imminent or it was him that floated the trade idea to everyone in the first place.

I can imagine the discouragement Paul Harris must have felt when he went down with an injury last season in training camp. It sounds like a lot of people who used to be there for him and prop him up, abandoned him when he got hurt,

"Some people, I felt turned their back on me," Harris said. "When I was in the limelight at Syracuse, everybody was up under me. When I got hurt, it wasn't the same. Some people are going to be upset if I don't mention them. But I don't feel the same kind of love that I used to get."

Harris, a 6-foot-4 wing player with long arms, a strong build and elite jumping ability, has spent the last few months working out at the Niagara Falls YMCA and Niagara University to regain the chiseled physique he possessed before getting hurt. At one point during his rehabilitation, Harris was more than 20 pounds heavier than his listed playing weight of 230.

"I looked like my dad," Harris joked.

Maybe it's a bit of a blessing in disguise for Harris as he got to see who his true friends and supporters were. It sounds like a lot of people jumped off the the bandwagon and a potential meal ticket when things got down. Here's to hoping that he has a great summer league and training camp for the Jazz and if he doesn't make it with us, he catches on with someone else.

So with everyone and their dog's dog getting a max deal yesterday, I think it would be a failure on Boozer's agent's part to not land him one. Of course, those that did get them, re-signed with their original teams.

If Boozer is going to get a max with that extra year and cash, he's going to have to get it on the S&T. Of course that should also scare non-Boozer lovers that he could end up getting that and staying with the Jazz.

Jazz bear is crazy,

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