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The Downbeat - 20 July 2010 - #275 - The Old/New Jazz Man Edition

Here's the audio from Raja's press conference yesterday, courtesy of the Jazz,

There's not anything more that you could ask for Raja to say if you're a Jazz fan. Just as he calls Kevin O'Connor and Jerry Sloan "straight shooters," the same could be said for him. You know what you're going to get from him and you know that he's not going to sugar-coat things.

With fan-favorites Korver, Matthews, the KOOF, and Brewer all gone, doesn't Bell become the holder of that title?

It sounds like there's a case of he-said, (s)he-said when it comes to Wesley Matthews leaving. From Siler's twitter stream,

Kevin O'Connor usually chooses his words carefully but he was blunt in refuting idea that Jazz didn't try to make offer to Wesley Matthews.

O'Connor told reporters to call Matthews' agent and ask what really happened behind scenes.

Jazz felt there was little attempt to negotiate on Matthews' end.

Steve Luhm also reported that Lance Young, Matthews' agent, never gave the Jazz the chance to negotiate.

I like having Raja back on the team but if the above is true, then we just lost a very good young player because of a meddling agent. Some of his other clients are Rudy Gay, Chris Paul, and David West. I don't think any of those guys are going to be signing with the Jazz anytime soon, but I wonder if there could be future implications for Young as he negotiates other deals or needs a favor. He must be good because he got a huge deal for Rudy Gay out of notoriously cheap Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley.

Since we can't use OMSW this season, does he become the Dread Pirate Roberts when he visits?

If the KOOF returns to Ohio, I would use the following headline,

"The Return of the King: Koufos to replace LeBron"

And it looks like the TWolves fans have discovered #boombitches.

I don't like to duplicate things on the Downbeat, but I got exactly 0 responses for a Dodge Barrage team. It's still a bit early but I'd like to get rolling with it. So if you're interested, make sure to fill out the form. If you'd like to play, but can't commit just yet, send me an email, Thanks.

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