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The Downbeat - 21 July 2010 - #276 - The Typing With One Finger Edition

Paul Millsap weighs in on "The Decision",

I was a little shocked when LeBron (James) made his decision. It seems like there’s a little cheating down there but I mean it is what it is. It could work out well for them but it could not. You never know which way it could go but as a player we have to come in and continue to do our jobs. Obviously, they have a target on their back just like the Lakers do but we’re gonna try our best to get to the top of the conference and the top of the league.

I wonder if that's how many players feel that way in that there was a little "cheating" going on with those three down in Miami.

Is this the biggest key (outside of salary) to getting free agents to come to Utah? Here's Raja,

"Cindy and I had a great time as a couple the last time we were here but there's four of us now," Bell added. "I think that's even better for our family because it's such a great place for kids and everybody is so family oriented out here. I think Cindy will have a great time taking them into the mountains and teaching them how to ski. I won't, I won't," Bell said with a smile.

Of course playing with Deron is right up there as well. Being a great place to raise kids has been mentioned numerous times by Jazz players.

So where does the whole family thing rate when players are making their decision?

It's no secret that the Lakers have had the Jazz's number for the past few seasons. We've talked about how most of that is a mental block. They have had more talent but the Jazz have the talent to at least not get swept.

I most excited about landing Raja and Jefferson because neither of them seem to have the mental roadblock against LA. We know what Bell has done in the past. Al has had good games against them in his career.

To me, this is the first step in being able to beat them. The first Lakers game of the season could be telling.

Open-ended poll... Where do the Jazz rank in the West now?

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