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The Downbeat - 22 July 2010 - #277 - The Former Jazz Edition

So who's going to run the pick and roll now that Boozer is gone? Sebastian Pruiti breaks it down,

Jefferson and Millsap’s numbers are so similar that it is basically a toss up when trying to figure out who is better at running the pick and roll. So when deciding who will replace Carlos Boozer as the main screener, the Jazz are going to have to look at some outside factors.

According to the article, the Jazz run the pick and roll about 10% of the time. Some might think that's it's about 90% of the time, but this just isn't the case.

A nice interview of Karl Malone from one of his nephews, Adam Fisher. There are some pretty good quotes, including this one,

AF- Who was your favorite player to play against? And who was the best player you ever saw besides MJ?

KM- Well you say MJ is the best player you have ever seen. I didn't say that. I don't consider him the best player I've ever seen. [I]t's debatable that it could be Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell. The best teammate/player I ever played with was John Stockton.

I'm disappointed that we didn't see any third-person references.

So OMSW is finally a Blazer. Blazersedge is all over it. Siler has been on fire since announcing that he's leaving. And Kelly Dwyer looks at whether Matthews and Bell are worth it.

And a final goodbye to Ronnie Brewer as he talks about the the newest members of the Bullzz,

We're all different players. If you want to see a pure 3-point shooter you're going to see Kyle Korver. He plays hard and he's going to hustle for you night in and night out. He's going to try to do everything possible for this team to win. Booz, he's an All-Star caliber power forward. He's going to give you a double-double almost every night--if its mid-range or in the post. He's a guy that can finish at the rim and do anything possible to make this team win. Me, I'm a versatile guy that does a lot of different things. I'm improving on my three point shot but other than that I'm a guy who can handle the ball, get the rebound and take it down the court, distribute the ball, finish at the rim, run the half court offense, be in the pick and roll, penetrate and kick to other players, and post up smaller guards. On defense, I provide a presence on the perimeter with my athleticism and length--I play the passing lanes to get steals. I think we all compliment each other well and add something to this team completely different from each other--but together we can make a difference.

Thursday poll,