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The Mailman Talks Stock, HOF, AJ, Favorite Memories

Audio courtesy of KALL


--Willis Reed will be inducting him into the Hall of Fame. Reed grew up five miles away from Karl and Karl grew up watching him play. Reed also loves to hunt and fish; "a guy like that can't be too bad."

--Al Jefferson is an unbelievable addition to the Jazz and one of the best moves of the summer. Minnesota rarely ever ran plays for AJ, so he's going to love the cross-screens, down-screens, and picks in Utah. AJ is a true low-post center and scorer, and Coach Sloan is going to love him to death. "I don't think Deron has anything against Boozer, but he's going to love Al." (OK fine, that was me editorializing. What Karl actually said was "any previous teammates" rather than "Boozer.")

--Favorite moments in Salt Lake: 1) When he got to Utah and thought they were throwing him a birthday parade (it was actually Pioneer Day, which for out-of-towners is tomorrow the 24th); 2) The Shot; 3) rodeos at the Salt Palace. He only remembers the good times in Utah, and wouldn't trade them for anything.

--For those that don't know, he has a huge collection of NBA memorabilia at Karl Malone Toyota. Karl will be at the dealership/museum tomorrow (on his birthday/Pioneer Day). The collection includes a complete set of game-worn, autographed Dream Team jerseys. How did he get them? Kay (i.e. Mrs. Malone) went around collecting them in Barcelona "like she was going around to a garage sale or something." As she was never a huge basketball fan, Karl was like, "What are you doing? What's your problem?" Kay replied, "One of these days, you'll appreciate it." Even the Hall of Fame doesn't have a set, but you can find them right (t)here in Utah.

[The museum not only has the world's only set of game-worn Dream Team jerseys (Gatorade stains and all), but shoes to go with them as well].

--He and John Stockton don't talk to each other much, but like on the court, they always know what each other's thinking and if something major is happening.

--Same with Jerry. He always knows what Jerry's thinking, but can't say it on air because it's "family radio."

--He's excited and honored about going to the Hall of Fame, especially for his family and friends. However, he's not excited about limos and red carpets and that kind of stuff. If they send him a limo, he's going to take a Yellow Cab. [me: love him. LOVE him.]

--On HOF: "It's not about the Utah Jazz. It's not about Karl Malone. It's about the state. I want for a brief moment--good, bad, different, like me, don't like me--I want the people here in Utah to realize that it's their moment as well. It ain't just mine."

--Going to try to keep his speech short because he doesn't want to cry, although he fully expects to cry when he mentions his mom.

--Opponents that brought out the best in him: "Every one of them. All of them." It was him against the world, may the best man win. Karl specifically mentioned Buck Williams, Maurice Lucas, Charles Oakley. When asked about [his good friend] Barkley, Karl joked, "Charles Barkley was soft."

--His current favorite player is Tim Duncan because he just plays. He also likes watching LBJ play because of the things he does at his size. Sometimes likes Portland, but he's biased for the Jazz.

--There are some referees that he didn't like then, and still doesn't like now. "Some of the referees weren't any good then, and hell they still aren't now."

--Best Jazzman of all time: "You're talking about the chicken with the egg...John was John."

I SO miss this man.

Want to help the Mailman celebrate his birthday? (Can you believe he's 47???) Per the Deseret News:

Karl Malone fans will get a chance today to wish The Mailman a happy birthday and congratulate him on his upcoming Hall of Fame induction.

The public is invited to celebrate the ex-Jazz great on his own "Day of 47" at the Karl Malone Toyota auto dealership (11453 S. Lone Peak Parkway) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The party will include free hot dogs, hamburgers, snow cones, cotton candy, music, a dunk tank, a bounce house and games. Malone's Sports Museum will also be open.

Donations received will benefit Primary Children's Medical Center and Shriners Hospital.

For more on the dealership/museum, watch this (starting around the 4:15 mark)