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The Downbeat - 26 July 2010 - #279 - The Video Edition

Thanks to moni for helping out with the DB on Friday.

  Another good interview from the Mailman,



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  Korver does a much better job singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game than he does with the first pitch at the Cubs game.  Leading that song at Wrigley would probably be right behind the Jazz winning championship for sporting events I would like to see in my lifetime.

via White and Blue Review,

  The Kirk Snyder issue finally gets some closure as he's sentenced to three years in prison.

  Getting a hot dog at the ESA?  It's about a coin flip on whether or not it's at a good temperature.  From ESPN via SBNation

EnergySolutions Arena
Utah Jazz
Vendors with critical violations: 50%

Inspection report excerpt: Hot dogs waiting to be served had dropped below safe temperatures at several locations.

That's still better odds than walking in to your local 7-11 and trying to pick up a fresh hot dog from the rack.  It looks like there were quite a few hot dog violations around the professional stadiums.

Of course a cold hot dog is downright welcome when you consider that the Washington Wizards scored 100% on their violations including 10 vendors with mice droppings found.

  Via the NBA Playbook, they take a look at why Sundiata Gaines is such a poor free-throw shooter.  It's expected that guards are going to have good free-throw percentages and when they don't, it's kind of baffling.  50% is downright atrocious though.  Maybe he should go granny-style to get some consistency?

Miss 1 (sorry for the painful memories)

Miss 2