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Ladies . . . now I say Ladies . . .

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G-Money [David Dow for NBAE/Getty Images]
G-Money [David Dow for NBAE/Getty Images]

Now ladies, I hope this is my last post on this Gordon Hayward guy for a while . . . but let's focus on the most important thing here. Yeah, his left hand. We all saw the trollop he hugged when drafted, but I know by the law of averages that some of you jazzfanettes may have a thing for guys who look like that kid who sat behind you in grade 10 homeroom. (?) What's more attractive than than a young professional athlete whom you can train and mold to fit your desires? One who is going to make $1,963,600 (scroll down) in the first year of his rookie contract. The mother of Tiger's cubs just got the GNP of South America in her divorce, I'm sure some lucky Salt Lake Lady may be able to meet Hayward and have a Gorgasm one way or another. (Yes, we may be moving on from Kyle Korver sadly, but his name stays here)