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The Downbeat - 30 July 2010 - #283 - The Season Can't Get Here Fast Enough

NBC Sports has their off-season power rankings up where the Jazz are #11,

11. Jazz (30/1) They lost Carlos Boozer, they replaced him with Al Jefferson. They lost Wesley Mathews and replaced him with Raja Bell. Goodbye Kyle Korver, hello Gordon Hayward. This was really a fantastic offseason by the Jazz -- it could have been a disaster but they replaced key losses and may have even upgraded a little. The Jazz remain in that tough middle ground of good (52 wins last season, probably just a few less this season) but not good enough to challenge the elite. Still, fantastic offseason to replace those that bolted.

It's just a power ranking and an off-season one at that, but it's something to talk about. Last season the Jazz were predicted to win around 46-48 games and did better than that. I don't think they're going to be worse this season. They're going to be right around 52 wins again.

The two teams above them, the Blazers and Rockets, are filled with a lot of ifs, mainly health questions. Once again though, the West is going to be like the last few seasons with no little separation between teams. You could order the teams in the West in any order you want and make a good argument for any of them.

As you may or may not know, Ross Siler, the Jazz beat reporter for the Jazz, will be leaving his position. I was lucky enough to do a Q&A with him. That should be going up at about 12.

Because it's a Friday and it's the off-season and because I need some ninja

For some weird reason, everyone wants to play for the Jazz. Chris Sheridan from ESPN tweeted last night that Mike James wants to play with the Jazz. He's a combo guard that's been hurt the past few seasons. He's 34 and wouldn't cost much, but is he an upgrade over Gaines? As AllthatAmar pointed out, he does make his free-throws unlike Sundiata.

Who knew that the P in P_Dizzle stood for poll? Thanks for the excellent poll questions. My favorite up first,