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The Downbeat - 6 July 2010 - #265 - The Back To Work Edition

 8=3?  They're the only two faces from the 2008 Olympic team that will play in the World Championships this summer.  Maybe.  From FanHouse,

They're making arrangements to be there, but Deron isn't sure (about playing) because of his (wrist) injury, and the same thing with Chris,'' Colangelo said. "He's not sure his knee will be physically ready ... So they'll be there and we'll see.

It's not like this summer has jumped out and surprised everyone; it's been the focus of the league and players and fans for more than three years now.  Free agency is the biggest factor with players skipping the Worlds but if their FA status was resolved early enough in July, I don't know why they couldn't commit.  It's not like Colangelo is going to turn down LeBron or Wade or Bosh if they don't decide a couple of days before camp starts.

It doesn't seem like the WCs hold the same clout as the Olympics in the players' eyes.

  We've known this for a while, but Jerry Sloan wants Boozer back in the worst way.  From FanHouse,

Sure, I'm hoping without a doubt,'' Sloan said in an interview with FanHouse at the Air Tran Orlando Pro Summer League on Monday about wanting Boozer back. "We're not as good of a team without him. And he helped us a great deal. It's hard to get good players.

My first thought was that comment is a slight to Paul Millsap in that it sounded like he doesn't have much confidence in Millsap's ability to replace Boozer.  Later on in the interview though he states that it makes you thinner because now the guy replacing the backup isn't as good as the backup.

That part is true because it was mainly the KOOF who would fill in as the third-string PF spot.  AK would have some spot minutes there, but not much.  Sloan is absolutely correct there.  The drop-off from Millsap to Koufos is steeper than the face of Mount Olympus.  If Boozer does leave, he has to put AK in that backup 4 position, right?  There's no way the KOOF can be called upon to be the backup there.

  So I'm just getting back from vacation and was only able to follow the summer league game yesterday online.  I've got it DVRd so I'll watch it and might comment on it if it's not too late.

My only comment from what I've read in recaps and box scores is on Hayward.  From the game thread it sounds like he was being guarded pretty well, hence just two FG attempts.  He also passed up the potential winning shot to, in his own words, "a shooter who was more wide open."  He's all about the team.  That will no doubt earn him points with Sloan and was probably a big  factor in him getting drafted by the Jazz.

That said, as the #9 pick in the league, he should be dominating most players in the summer league.  Save the team stuff for training camp and the actual season.  It's just the first game so he's probably still learning where he can get his shots in the offense.  I want to see some domination from him though see if he can stay an efficient scorer if he puts up more than 10 shots.

  On the other hand you have someone like James Augustin(e) who scored 20 on 9/10 shooting that seemed to grasp what summer league is about.  Sure, you want to show that you can play and make team decisions, but it's also in part a meat market and you better stand out if you want to be given a chance at training camp and making a roster spot.  He's potentially someone that could get signed should Boozer go and the Jazz don't get a PF through FA.  If he keeps this up in summer league, he should at least get an invite to training camp.

  And your latest Boozer rumor of the day,

Heat having backburner S-&-T talks with Utah & Dallas - offering J. O'Neal and/or M. Beasley - targeting Boozer, Haywoodless than a minute ago via web

Michael Wallace is the reporter for the Miami Herald.  O'Neal and Beasley would be an interesting get in a S&T.  Later he tweets that the Heat might want Korver as well, so you'd have to get him on board with it. 

Beasley only has one year left on his deal at about $5M with a team option next season.  I'm not sure what O'Neal is looking for contract-wise or if he'd want to come to Utah.  Would his arrival mean adios to Fesenko or Kosta?

And just how many times would Beasley be in the doghouse?  The Jazz value character above everything, so would they be even willing to take him give his recent struggles?