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Moving on . . . to other problem areas

Boozer is gone, and we're going to have some roster holes to fill providing there's no sign and trade coming... so let's take a look see at each position.

Points Guard:

Deron Williams will take the lions share of minutes here. Since being a starter he's averaged about 37 minutes per game. I do not see this changing at all, leaving only 11. You're not going to be a championship team if Ronnie Price (under contract) and Sundiata Gaines (non-guaranteed for the paltry sum of $700k) are playing 15+ minutes per game, so this works out fine. Price will take the rest of the minutes and it could be a little be more or less depending on the game, and fouls and such.

Shooting Guard:

As of right now, the only shooting guard he have signed would be Othyus Jeffers(non-guaranteed for $700k as well). Theoretically the Jazz will bring back Wes Matthews and we should be fine. As a rookie he played in about 25 mpg, and that surely would be augmented in his future seasons. Right now the chatter suggests that Kyle Korver is being courted by the New Jersey Nets-- but we all know that's he's not quite tan enough to play there and ever be accepted as one of their own. If Kyle isn't coming back (and I wish that we do bring him back), then an alternative to Matthews/Jeffers could be former Jazzman Ronnie Brewer (whom, I think, should come cheap-ish. Apparently the Grizz didn't even want him, and they threw a boatload of money at Rudy Gay). C.J. Miles and Andrei Kirilenko could play some 2 guard as well -- but they are more needed for . . .

Small Forward:

C.J. should start, and he should finally break the 24 mpg (or half) threshold this season. If he's not playing 28 minutes a game at least, then something really good or really bad just happened this season. Gordon Hayward figures to be an NBA small forward: based on his size, relative shooting ability, and inability to really stick with guys smaller and quicker than he. I don't know if he'll be on the senior team for most of the year, or go to the NBA-DL -- but he should be playing Ronnie Price minutes here (11 mpg). But, sigh, what do the Jazz know about developing younger players? Andrei figures to provide serious "game on the line" time here (or really, anywhere) this season. He should (fingers crossed) also blossom as a backup power forward.

Power Forward:

This is Paul Millsap country right now. He's one of the few people currently signed on our team who has played more than 30 mpg in a season before. He should be playing 35 minutes a game this year (provided the refs don't foul him out every game). Andrei (we hope) will also play some significant minutes here. Kosta Koufos has been slotted here before, but those were in better / healthier times. Also on the docket is unsigned 2nd round pick Jeremy Evans. I think he has a chance to make the team. Failing that, James Augustine should get a call up to training camp. Furthermore, what is Goran Suton doing now? He played under Tom Izzo and could really help out this season filling in some gaps.


In a perfect world where eating meals gave you full health and stamina back (don't hate, I grew up playing nintendo games), Mehmet Okur would be ready to go. He's not. We don't even know what kind of Memo we're going to have back next season, or when. Kyrylo Fesenko and Kosta Koufos are the only healthy bodies on the team that aren't either a) a skinny 6'9 white guy (AK and Hayward), or b) a 6'8 power foward who has to start there (Millsap). Wait, there's worse news . . . Fesenko is a free agent as well, andhasn't been signed yet. What's to stop Portland from screwing us again by bumping up his asking price? Millsap will surely be pressed into duty here with AK sliding over at the 4 while the Jazz run Operation Delta (aka, small ball) early this year. Come playoff time (and we will make the playoffs, book it) this will not get it done. This spot looks worse than shooting guard, except if you remember that right now the only shooting guard we have on the books is Othyus Jeffers, and his contract isn't even guaranteed.

Which spot do we need to sure up quickly? Feel free to comment below on just how and who we should target!