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Jazz Will Get A Sign And Trade For Carlos Boozer

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Multiple sources reporting... From the Trib,

Terms of the deal are still being discussed, but the Jazz will give the Bulls a protected second round draft pick, and in turn will receive a trade exception in the amount of Boozer's salary for the first year of his contract.

Boozer's trade exception, for the amount of money it's worth, is significant because it potentially enables Utah to trade for a player who's able to step in and contribute immediately without having to trade a player in return.

This is significant because it will be equal to Boozer's first-year salary, about $16M. So the Jazz could take on salary in a trade without having to give anyone up.

Just as that was happening, David Lee is heading to the Warriors as part of another sign and trade for Anthony Randolph and Azubuike. He's getting a 6-year deal worth $13M per. Seems pretty steep for Lee.

So will the Jazz use the trade exception(s)? They have to don't they given that they gave up a second-rounder and pushed hard for it/ Who are they going to get?