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The Downbeat - 9 July 2010 - #268 - The Privileged Kids Need Scholarships Too Edition

  It may well be that Deron leaves the Jazz in two years for greener pastures.  If you do Deron, pleeeeease don't put us through what LeBron just did to Cleveland.  Do it just like a bandaid and rip it right off fast.  No slow, painful deaths please.  That was just brutal to watch last night.

You know all of those lists that get made about most tortured sports towns?  Well, those are done now because Cleveland has the top spot for the next couple of centuries.

No wonder most people hate the NBA.  The kind of crap that happened last night just wouldn't fly in any other US sport.  I don't even think A-Rod would do something like that.  And as if I needed a another reminder as to why I don't watch ESPN.

Then to top the night off, you have Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's scathing letter about LeBron's "decision."  First of all, he was one of the enablers.  Overall though, I like it because it's exactly what fans thought.  Also, it's probably something LHM would have done had something similar happened here in Utah, comic sans and all.

  The next news from the Jazz we should be hearing is the re-signing of Wesley Matthews.  I say "should be" not with any foresight as to what's going to happen but as what needs to happen.

He and his agent are meeting with the Blazers according to the Deseret News.  I don't know if this is the same type of "meeting" that Millsap had with them last off-season.  You know, the type of meeting where you never actually talk to the coach or the owner.

I'm fine if they offer Matthews a contract so that the Jazz can finally get him signed as long as they don't pull something similar to Millsap's offer.

What you have to worry about with Portland is in two years when they could have gobs of cap space and they make a serious push for Deron.  You know, assuming that we're still not in a lockout.

  Is anyone else not surprised by the local media's 180 on Carlos Boozer?  Just one year ago when it seemed obvious that Boozer was gone, nearly every radio outlet talked about how devastating it was going to be to the Jazz.  Now most of them are speaking of the financial flexibility that the Jazz have and how Millsap is going to be fine.

  Millsap confirms what we already knew,

Millsap was home watching a summer-league game on TV when he heard the Boozer news.

"My initial response was I was happy for Booz, and glad to see him collect the money. I'm happy for him and his family," Millsap said. "And then it was, 'It's about time.'

"It was kind of a sigh of relief, knowing I get a chance to do what I want to do, and that's start," he added. "I'm ready to take my game to another level."

There's a t-shirt idea, "It's about time."  I really think he would have asked for a trade had the Jazz re-signed Boozer.  He's the kind of player that wasn't going to make noise and come out and publicly say that he should be starting over Boozer.  But you know that's what he's wanted from the beginning.

You may or may not think that Millsap has what it takes to be a starter, but it's going to be nice to finally find out and not have to speculate from both ends of the argument.

  Open ended Friday poll,

For this to be considered a successful off-season for the Jazz, they have to...