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Matt Harpring To Join The Jazz As Color Commentator

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I had heard this from another source as well, but it looks like the DesNews is reporting that Harpring will be back with the Jazz broadcast team,

As he did last season while injured, Harpring will provide color commentary for the team's TV telecasts alongside play-by-play announcer Craig Bolerjack in 2010-11, multiple sources close to the Jazz have confirmed to the Deseret News.

I had actually tried to get a comment from KJZZ earlier today on this and received the following from Jeremy Castro, VP of Broadcast & Operations,

We will not be making any announcement or comments in regard to any talent changes at this time.

I also tried to contact some others in the org and didn't get a reply.

Some additional information that I received was that Harpring would work a 61-game schedule and that Ron Boone will indeed be moving to the radio booth with Locke.

The Jazz are likely waiting to announce specifics until Craig Bolerjack's contract gets re-worked.

What's funny is that it was the DesNews who reported earlier this month that Harpring likely wasn't going to be coming to the Jazz.

Good luck to Harp, I know many Jazz fans will be happy with this move.