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The Downbeat - 19 August 2010 - #297 - The Panic! At The ESA Edition

I'm not trying to yell fire in a theater or cause undue panic, but you do realize this could be the last season for Deron in a Jazz uniform? There are a few things that have to play out of course.

One, his current deal goes through the 2012 season with a player option for another year. Second, and probably the biggest factor is the impending lockout coming next summer. A lot can change between now and then but it certainly seems like we're going to be missing some NBA come next season. Whether it turns out to be like the 1999 lockout remains to be seen. But if we miss the whole season, this could very well be Deron's last in Utah.

No need to panic yet. However, if Deron joins LRMR Markting, then you can panic.

Giving Frank Layden an Avalon for Father's Day is a great gesture by Malone, but the even better part as a fan is this part about Karl bending his middle finger back during an exhibition game. They tried to take him out and this was his response,

However, Malone grabbed his middle and index fingers and said, "Tape those two together. I'm going to play."

Although the trainer said he couldn't go back on the floor, Malone said, "Hey these people paid a lot of money to see me play, and they are not going to see me again. Just tape them up. I'll play the second half."

For a meaningless exhibition game in New Mexico.

Kevin Arnovitz has some strategies for those teams that will be affected by variable ticket pricing (that's us),

The buying public usually prefers to consume live entertainment Friday-Sunday nights. If you don't have kids, or if late nights during the week don't bother you, zero in on the Monday-Thursday columns on the schedule. Second, what's worth more to you -- three games against mediocre opponents or one tantalizing matchup?

Another thing to note will be that ticket prices will be changing up to the minute so factors such as huge snowstorms rolling in, players injured, etc will all play a factor. I don't know how much the prices will swing though.

The best advice is to probably buy as early as you can when most of those factors are taken out of the equation. You're still going to be paying more for that Miami game on Dec. 8th though it falls on a Wednesday. So factors like the teams and days of the week are still going to cause a higher price.

It's a gamble really or since that isn't allowed in Utah, consider an early ticket purchase a stock. Will the price rise or fall? Though unless you're trying to flip it anyway, you probably don't care because you're there to see the Jazz.

So Charlie Rosen gives his qualifications of the best NBA coaches of all time but guess who's not on that list?

Mark Eaton will be putting on his charity golf event again this season. As you might recall, they had a million-dollar hole in one there last season. This year it's been upped to two million.

You can still sign up for the low, low price of $2000 per foursome. If you can't afford that, you could enter the contest here and get a stay at the Waldorf Astoria in Park city in addition to playing in the tourney (and hole in one contest). That's gives your name/info to a real estate company and I'm not sure what they're doing with it.

Either way, enjoy this vid. Make sure to check out the related vids too. A lot of good ones of Eaton.