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The Downbeat - 26 August 2010 - #302 - The Gin & Juice Edition

Paul Millsap comes in at #17 on Kelly Dwyer's rankings for PFs this coming season,

Why does Paul drop four spots despite the absence of Carlos Boozer(notes) in the Utah lineup?

Well, though he has the talent for it, Paul's not going to just step in and start handing out 20 and 10s.

You could make a good case for Sap to have a better season that the guys 13-16. He's just behind Antawn Jamison, Carl Landry, Luis Scola, and Troy Murphy.

Except for Jamison, the rest of those players made jumps in his rankings from last season. He doesn't think that Paul will be putting up 20 & 10, and he won't, but he also takes the month of March for Scola when he put up 20 & 10 into why he ranked him higher. He admits though that he doesn't think he'll get that many minutes and touches. With Yao looking like he'll be back, he's not going to average that for a season.

Hoops World is stating that Fesenko could have got about a 3-year, $9M deal on the open market had he been an unrestricted free agent. The only reason he didn't was that the Jazz had told teams that they would likely match.

$3M a year seems pretty steep for a player that has yet to prove that he can be consistent. Big men will always be at a premium, but I don't know if the Jazz match that amount.

Maybe there's something behind signing character players. The Nuggets continue their tumultuous off-season with J.R. Smith trying to choke a player he was playing a pickup game with. According to other stories about the incident, the other player involved was DLeague player who's never seen NBA action.

There wasn't enough to press charges but I wonder if the league will still investigate. Smith is on the last year of his deal worth about $6M.

This could end up being an ugly, ugly season in Denver.

Snoop was in the SLC last night,

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