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The Downbeat - 31 August 2010 - #305 - The Fresh Water Edition

Hat tip to Salt City Hoops for catching this, but it looks like the new floor for the ESA looks like this:


As some wisely pointed out before, we could see the green paint and two-tone wood floor from the NBA2K11 screen shots posted earlier. It looks like we will be getting the new logo for center court. I thought I had read that it was still going to be the mountain logo because it had to be the primary logo on the court.

I'm a fan though. My hope in all of the jersey/color/floor changes is that they leave it as is and don't change things again down the road. There's something to be said about teams that have had the same jersey/logo since their inception.

Another question is why haven't they unveiled the new court yet? It was supposed to be done a couple of months ago on draft night but then got put off. We have yet to hear anything on when it will be unveiled officially.


Thanks to moni for this link. In moni's words, it's "AK either launching new shoe or starring in community production of Cinderella,"

It's all in Russian (where Google Video Translate when you need it?). My biggest question is did they purposely use Eye of the Tiger as the intro music? Really?

Anyone that can translate?

I don't know what to think of this video of Stockton highlights (via SLAM). Behind the back passing? Alley-oops? A freaking spin move? Worlds colliding.

John Stockton - The Ultimate Point Guard (via memoismoney)

Gordon Hayward with the question of our time,


If you want to start a fake Hayward twitter account, there's your idea: Deep thoughts by G Hayward. Other questions you might ask: Why can't snow be warm? Why can't vegetables taste like chocolate? Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

Tuesday poll,