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Utah Jazz Release 2010-2011 Pre-season Schedule

Just as I was piecing together the pre-season schedule for the Jazz from other teams' pre-season schedule releases, the team went ahead and just released it,

Oct 07 Blazers @ Jazz
Oct 11 Jazz @ Blazers
Oct 12 Jazz @ Suns
Oct 14 Suns @ Jazz
Oct 16 Jazz @ Clippers
Oct 17 Jazz @ Nuggets/Lakers (not a Nugget/Laker All-star team but part of the LA Shoot-out. No, guns are not involved as far as I know).
Oct 19 Jazz @ Lakers
Oct 22 Kings @ Jazz

The good news is that we're only 2 months away now from pre-season action. The bad news is that we're still two month away from pre-season action.

So just 3 home games vs. 5 roadies. That's pretty consistent with what it's been in recent years.

They'll have two back-to-backs, with both games on the road. Ouch.

With the Jazz having a confirmed games against PHX on Oct 28 (Thur) and the last pre-season game on the 22 (Fri), will the Jazz have another game between those? Going on past years, not likely. There was a 5-game gap in the 2010 season and 6-game gap in the 2009 season. So the PHX game is likely the opener.

The first game of the pre-season could be against the Delta Jr. Jazz and I would be pumped. Opening against the Blazers for two games will get the juices flowing quickly.