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The Downbeat - 1 September 2010 - #306 - The Stacked Edition

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  Jerry Stackhouse ladies and gentleman (via BDL),

Sixers @ Jazz 3-20-96 Jerry Stackhouse Fights Jeff Hornecek (via RareAir310)

This isn't the only time Stack has fought with a member of the Jazz.  He and Kirk Snyder got into it after a Jazz loss in Dallas back in 2005.  Stackhouse has a rep of getting into altercations with other teams as well.

  Sounds like Andy (Hayward) will be heading back to Utah this weekend to start working out.  CJ said the first part of September is when he would be back as well.  I imagine that everyone else will be filing back in to town as well shortly.  We're getting closer.


  Deron Williams may very well end up leaving in a couple of years, but not for any of the reasons listed by this Dime post.  Here's a list of the reasons given and my counter argument.


  1. Deron is upset with the situation in Utah.  While Deron has been vocal about some of his friends being traded/not signed, mentioning that he signed a three-year deal for a reason, and talking about the Jazz not doing anything, he's come around on those issues.  His comments about Dee Brown and Ronnie Brewer were made shortly after those decisions and could be considered being in the heat of the moment.  He's also stated that he's very excited with the recent additions in Jefferson, Hayward, and Bell and thinks that this team could be better than last season's team.
  2. The  Jazz still have no title since he re-signed.  Well, 28 other teams have no title in the same time period.  They've also been taken out by the Lakers three straight times, the two-time champions and one-time runner-up.  ]
  3. Losing Korver, Boozer, and Brewer has taken his heart out of it. - So he's saying that Deron won't have the same fire he's had before because those three aren't here anymore?  That couldn't be further from the truth.  His statement to Big Al that he's going to make him an All-star and the talk about the Jazz being better this year wipes out this argument.
  4. When Deron played in the All-star game in Dallas, it was the happiest he's looked in two years. - Come on, he would have been happy to be playing the All-star game in Yellowknife, Canada.  He had just been snubbed for 2-3 years.  Being in Dallas was icing on the cake.
  5. Dallas has substantial cap room in 2012 - Guess who else has cap room in 2012?  Utah.  Not that it matters anymore, but guess who can give him the most money?  Utah.  Guess who might not have cap room in 2012 because your owner is Mark Cuban?
  6. He'll have a better supporting cast in Dallas - The Jazz have Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Raja Bell, and Gordon Hayward on the books for 2012-13.  The Mavs have Dirk, Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood, Roddy, and Dominque Jones.  The average age of those first three will be about 33.  Even if the ages were the same, is that a lineup that would be enough to pull Deron to Dallas?

    Second, we have no idea what teams/contracts will look like after the new CBA.  
Overall, this looks like an article that some wrote because 1., Deron could be a FA in 2012, and 2., made the Dallas connection.  

The biggest factor to me why this wouldn't happen would be that Dallas will be over whatever the cap is in 2012 with Cuban doling out huge contracts trying to build a winner.  If he's going to start dumping salary to get under the cap then they're not going to have much of a team to go to.


  HoopsHype is reporting that free agent Francicso Elson is leaning  towards signing with the Jazz,


If you're like me, I'm sure you said, "Fransicwho?"  He's a journeyman right now with unimpressive numbers for a big man.  He's a 34-year old 7-footer who doesn't score much nor blocks many shots.

There will be rumors like this that float around, but if they were to sign him, wouldn't that have an impact on Fesenko and Jeremy Evans

 Open-ended Wednesday poll...  Who is the team's most-improved for next season?