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Who Gets Cut 2010 - Round 1

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Here we go with the first round of cuts. Like I mentioned in the DB, we're going to have to make some assumptions that these guys will be here after the pre-season.

The premise is this: If you had to start cutting Jazz players from the team, who would be the first to go? We'll go from 14 (with Francisco Elson expected to sign) down to 1. The last player remaining isn't going to be a shocker, but it will be interesting to see who gets cut along the way.

Your reasons for cutting someone are going to vary. Let us know why you voted on the player you did.

There will be five players listed with an Other option in case I leave someone out that you think should be gone. We'll run this daily up to the start of training camp.

As I add a player each day to the pool of 5, I might be making my preferences known. Hopefully the 5 still represents a broad enough spectrum though so that my bias doesn't get someone voted off prematurely.

So let's get to some meaningless polling!