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Chad Ford Grades The Utah Jazz Offseason

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Chad Ford (insider) grades the Jazz with a B+ for their off-season moves,

Perhaps the best way to sum up the Jazz's summer is to say they swapped Boozer for Jefferson. As my colleague John Hollinger pointed out this summer, the Jazz probably came out ahead on that deal. Not only is Jefferson younger than Boozer, he also can play center and makes less money.

The Jazz ranked behind the Thunder and the Kings in the West.

Without the trade for Jefferson and the signing of Bell, we're a solid D. If you look at what we were potentially looking at for a roster, compared to what we have now, it's a relative A.

It has the potential to be better than that though as I think the pieces will fit together much better this season. Having Memo out thins us a bit, but I'm excited to see what Millsap and Jefferson give us up front. I'm always anxious for the season to start but this year has a certain optimistic uncertainty to it that is lengthening the summer for me.