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Who Gets Cut? 2010 - Round 4

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In the closest voting so far, Sundiata Gaines gets the heave, just edging out Jeremy Evans by 13 votes. First this, now Jon Scheyer is coming to training camp? Not a good day for Gaines.

So where will those votes land now?

For this round, we're starting to get into the rotation players. Though I'm sure the next couple cut won't be a surprise, I'm going to bring on three new players instead of just one. That eliminates by bias a bit and gives some of those "Other" voters someone else to vote.

I'm also closing the voting at 10 a.m. tomorrow for each of the new votes in case of a close decision like this gets reversed because of some late voting after the fact. Remember, this is serious business.

Results for far,

12. Sundiata Gaines
13. Francisco Elson
14. Othyus Jeffers

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