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The Downbeat - 22 September 2010 - #321 - The Put You In The Past Edition

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Our very own Shums reviews NBA Jam from PAX,

What I do know is that NBA Jam is still as simple as ever, and maybe even more fun. Standing in front of that kiosk, playing against two dudes I didn't know, was one of the most enjoyable things I did at PAX. Playing it against friends will only make it better.

Most of you have likely already seen this but moni breaks down why we want Fess to stay.

A thorough preview by HoopsWorld on the Jazz,

It's hard not to love how the Jazz maintained their level of talent over the summer despite losing several key pieces to free agency. With Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, and Wesley Matthews all opting for greener pastures, Utah turned right around and drafted Gordon Hayward, signed Raja bell and Francisco Elson, and made an extremely favorable trade for forward/center Al Jefferson. At the same time, Deron Williams seems to have established himself as the game's best point guard, and with little to no drop-off in talent Utah should be among the West's best this season. As long as Jerry Sloan-the league's longest-tenured coach by years and years-is at the helm, the Jazz are a dangerous club. And aren't those new uniforms just beautiful?

A song using Stockton as a metaphor? (Some swears)

Wednesday poll,