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The Downbeat - 23 September 2010 - #322 - The Last Thursday Edition

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 Will Houston make an offer to Fess soon?  According to Brian T. Smith, Houston could make an offer if they can't land Eric Dampier.  It looks like Dampier could be signing with the Heat any minute now according to Ira Winderman of the Miami Herald,

Erick Dampier actually has gone through meet-and-greet process, and it now appears as if his signing is imminent, if not already done.

So we may finally be getting some closure to this.

  Ryan Thompson has officially signed a non-guaranteed deal.  From his twitter,

Offically signed and a part of the Utah Jazz..

I'm looking forward to what he can bring.  He fit in well with the guys at the Dodge Barrage.

  There's a great piece on the impending lockout by Larry Cook on ESPN.  The players are guaranteed a portion of the gross revenue by the league and the owners want to change that.  I guess it's all in how the numbers are done.  The league is saying that 12 of the 30 teams lost money last season.  Yet the players are claiming that things such as depreciation are included in those losses.

My biggest complaint then, and is pointed out in the article, is how come the owners are throwing around huge money this season when they claim that the exorbitant salaries are the cause of their financial woes?

It seems that they want to have the players' share come from the net revenue.  The worry with that for me if I'm a player is that we start to see all kinds of Hollywood accounting take place and the league starts showing that they're not making anything at all.

So prepare for some basketball famine and getting your basketball 72-hour kits and food storage in order.  That means DVRing a ton of games.

  Classic video of Malone dunking on Jabbar

  Great breakdown of how to run the pick and roll with Deron Williams