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Who Gets Cut? 2010 - Round 9

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The injury to Memo finally caught up with him. Though he's probably about right where he would have been had he not pulled a Brand. I think as we get to the playoffs that his value will rise but for this voting, it's good.

He edged out Miles, 122 votes to 93.

And then there were six. We could see quite the battle between Raja Bell and CJ Miles this go around. What's amazing is that MIllsap and Jefferson have received virtually no votes this entire time. That's not to say that I was expecting them to, but that they're not even getting the "I'm voting for them for the same reason I'm voting for Deron" type vote.

So who has the least value to the team of those remaining? Miles? Bell? Millsap? Someone else? Get voting. Poll closes at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

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