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Trade Rumors - Andrei Kirilenko To The Denver Freaking Nuggets As Part Of The Carmelo Anthony Trade?

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From Stein


No, no, and please no. These discussions could go nowhere but it kills me that this would even be on the table. Should make for a great media day on Monday.

If this did go down, the only reason the Jazz would do this trade would be for a straight salary dump. AK makes $18M, Boris Diaw makes $9M. There's no reason to do a AK/Diaw swap for basketball reasons. None. The fact that he would be traded to a division rival would be a double stomach-punch. One to drop you and one once you're on the ground. Kick a little dirt in your face and you would be done.

Not to mention that Denver would be getting huge cap relief next season. Diaw still has another $9M owed for 2011-12.

There's obviously a lot more details to come and this could just be a lot of smoke, but the fact that this it out there kills me.

Rational thought used in this post, 0.