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Kyrylo Fesenko Re-signs With The Jazz, #FesenkoFriday Can Continue

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Fess will give the SLC one more spin. From Marc Stein,

On the final day of his offseason, restricted free-agent center Kyrylo Fesenko agreed to re-sign with the Utah Jazz.

Sources with knowledge of the deal told that Fesenko ultimately passed on an offer from the Houston Rockets to sign his one-year qualifying offer with Utah worth just over $1 million.

That will make Fesenko an unrestricted FA come next off-season. I don't know if the Houston deal included more than one year. It seems that by signing the one-year deal with the Jazz, he's banking on having a big season and getting a multi-year offer from someone. The lockout might postpone any offers though.

We should have a motivated Ukrainian this season that could at the very least give us some depth with Memo out and hopefully some improvement from the big man.

Maybe more importantly, we head into training camp with a little less drama.

[Note by Basketball John, 09/26/10 9:04 PM MDT ] Brian T. Smith is saying not so fast,