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We are the Jazz fans (not cycling fans who happen to inherit an NBA franchise). We buy the merch, go to the games and stay up late talking about the team. We lose sleep over injuries, not revenue. We lament over playoff position, not lament the potential loss of the playoff bonus money from the NBA if the Jazz don't make the Top 8. I've been a Jazz fan since '87, yet I've never lived in Utah. I love the team. I'm sick of just being good enough. Stockton and Malone's entire career and much of their best years were handcuffed because the team owner and management were happy with being just good enough. Mr. Greg Miller even suggested that the Jazz franchise doesn't make his company as much money as some of his car dealerships. I thought the point was to win the title, not money?

I am sick of being just 'good enough' to waste the youth and talent in a team that'll never seriously contend.

Let's send a message here.

Be Loud! Be Proud! (remember that Jazz rally song that they paid for? remember how awful it was?) The natural check and balance to tyranny is for the people to stand up. Before things get worse for us Jazz fans let's try to state here that:

a) We want a title, not a 45-55 win season, every season for the next 30 years coupled with an early playoff exit

b) Boris Diaw is a horrible human being and foie gras is a disgusting and cruel food - supporting Diaw is supporting inhumane French cuisine

and most pressing

c) don't trade Andrei Kirilenko with the end goal of saving money at the expense of actually going balls out for a title.

Stockton and Malone made the Miller family very popular in the state. They were rewarded with a serviceable supporting cast in their late 30s. Do we Jazz fans want to wait another 10 years before management makes a move to go for it, again? Will our players want to wait that long? Greg Miller will be loved forever if he is able to bring in a title, the first ever for the entire state, to the Jazz fans.

What's more important: love or money?

Who do you want to be, Donald Sterling with lots of money and no rings, or his cross town rival who has more rings than we'd ever hope to get by trading away guys who play defense for overweight Frenchmen?

Jazz fans, post here if you have something to say, you can be sure that SOMEONE at the Utah Jazz offices will be reading this thread.