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Rumors are 'Much ado about nothing'

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Insomnia is a gift *and* a curse
Insomnia is a gift *and* a curse

Don’t get me wrong, but this off-season had more changes than any given 7 year period of the Stockton/Malone era of Jazz basketball. Or at least, that’s what it appeared like. I’m not going to go into a full re-cap of something that started four months ago. What needs to be said is that Kevin O’Connor and crew have worked their butts off this summer. No one can argue with the results. Jazzfandom appears to be up, the new uniforms, and new faces all make us excited for the upcoming season.

Perhaps, though, we Jazz fans can be accused of being a little too excited. Especially when rumors are involved.

We only need to look at the last few days where that vile temptress, the internet, became rife with rumor about a trade that would have subtracted a fan favorite from our team, only to replace him with a talented, but less spectacular player. Just at this blog alone you can read about it here, here, here, here, or here. Even I called out the owners of the team, and all of that based upon rumor. How silly of us.

Thankfully our collective cries were just the product of how strongly we love our players and the fact that the news broke on a Friday, and the whole weekend was spent fretting over something that was resolved the next business day.

I’m not trying to paint us Jazz fans as unbalanced people (the rest of the NBA family does that already), nor am I suggesting that our team is a drama filled show like some others – but this off-season we also saw the whole Fesenko situation spiral way out of control. Eventually he just ended up signing back with the Jazz, who did not budge on their original offer. How anticlimactic. They didn’t even have to MATCH a contract for him as the blazers didn’t even offer him one!

This season is the starting of a new ‘act’ of our Jazz franchise. The beginning of the summer was filled with questions – questions that the front office has all answered. What if Carlos Boozer leaves? Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson will be here. Who will replace Kyle Korver’s minutes? Raja Bell and Gordon Hayward can easily replace him. Can we match Wesley Matthews? Nope. Who will platoon the center spot while Mehmet Okur recovers? Kyrycisco Felson.

We’re happy that AK is not specifically being shopped around. We’re also happy to have Fesenko back. In the end, these two story lines have ended up to be . . . well . . . at the risk of sounding like Tim Buckley with this conclusion . . . much ado about nothing.

And yes, that chick down there is David Locke.