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The Downbeat - 3 September 2010 - #308 - The Flash Edition

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The Jazz get an A- when grading their use of the DLeague. Having a DLeague team just minutes away helps tremendously. I had my eyes opened a bit ago though that the Jazz don't invest much into the Flash despite the convenience it provides. Spencer Hall from Salt City Hoops weighs in,

The Jazz enjoy one of the NBA's closest relationships with their D-League affiliate, the Utah Flash. Literally. Their facilities are less than 40 miles apart. Only the Dallas Mavericks and expansion Texas Legends are closer. The Jazz's proximity to the Flash has worked well for them, and in a perfect world, it's definitely a luxury other teams would like to have. The next step for the Jazz would be to invest in the Flash financially, but it's hard to blame them for not buying the cow when they're basically getting the milk for free.

The Flash benefit as well from having some of the Jazz players sent down. I don't see what incentive the Jazz have to help financially though. If they did, they'd obviously want a stake into decisions made by the Flash. You also have to remember that the Flash aren't just the affiliate for the Jazz.

I think we're a long ways from a true farm system like MLB has. Really, I don't think the NBA needs one like it either. The biggest reason is that basketball have about a third of the players on the big league club and have much shorter rotations. You can stick a rookie at the end of the bench in the NBA whereas for most of the season, nearly every guy on the 25-man roster in the majors gets used.

Second, the talent levels are different. What I mean by that is there's a smaller jump from college basketball to the NBA or other professional leagues. With baseball, it can take 3-4 years for a player to develop and catch up to big league pitching/hitting. It can take that same amount of time for NBA players to develop as well, but there are a lot more that can step in and contribute right off the bat in the NBA than in MLB. It's a pretty big deal when a MLB player gets called up shortly after getting drafted, even the first-round picks.

Finally, the NBA has a pretty big farm system with college ball and other pro leagues overseas. There have been success stories with callups from the D-League, but they're still going to get their players primarily from the those locations.

Looks like former Jazz man Greg Foster will be coaching with Tim Floyd at UTEP. Man, I still can't believe he was our center for those 97 and 98 teams.

The Jazz have had a lot of first-time All-stars after a player joins the team. In fact, have we ever had a former All-star join the team later? Tom Chambers?

Memo and Boozer became All-stars with the Jazz. Deron finally got the nod last season. AK has been in the AS spotlight. Is Jefferson the next one? He will be if Deron has anything to do with it. What about Millsap? He's been close a couple of times.

Dee Brown will get another shot at the NBA as he heads to camp with the Mavericks,

Today was another great day of work at the gym I'm feeling pretty good rt now!today my agent confirmed vet camp with the dallas mavericks!!

Hurry, roll out the rumor mill that Deron Williams will definitely go to Dallas in 2012 because his friend and former teammate will be in Dallas! It's all part of the plan.

In all seriousness, I hope Dee catches on.

Friday poll,