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What up, dough? 2010-2011 Utah Jazz BMI scores

Clearly, I am insane. Also, I'm really ready for the next season to start so I can get some serious number crunching done. Anyway, Body Mass Index is something that is generally disregarded now-a-days in the medical community in favor of other metrics. Yet it's something that people all over may be familiar with. If not, there's always wiki. The Utah Jazz website lists players heights and weights. So I ended up doing the math here so we can see which of our guys are more 'fit' than others. (Again, using the outdated metric of BMI) These are the guys listed, despite no formal information regarding them actually being 'on' the team for the next season. (Hence, why we see Fes, OJ and others here) Point guards are listed in green; swingmen in yellow; and bigs in blue.

Different conventions have different ideas of what the ideal score is, but what can't be avoided is that C.J. is the least svelt wing player on the team. What up, dough?