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The Downbeat - 30 September 2010 - #328 - The One Week 'Til Game Time Edition

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Marcus Camby, now with the Blazers, on the differences between Al Jefferson and Carlos Boozer,

"Different type players, but they're both going to get their numbers," he said of Jefferson and Boozer. "You look up, and they're both going to have 20 and 10. Al is more of a back-to-the-basket player. Tremendous player, a lot of moves down there on the block, and he has a herky-jerky, awkward game. He gives you a lot of pump fakes, but he's definitely effective."

It's funny that everyone knows that Jefferson gives a lot of pump fakes, but everyone still falls for them.

So the Jazz players apparently have some nicknames for the rookie Hayward,

Einsten's [Bagels] makes sense considering Hayward's high basketball IQ. But even though "Einstein" might make a good nickname, Hayward isn't sharing what his teammates are calling him.

"I won't share them, so that they won't catch on," he laughed.

Hmmm, I still like Andy. Any ideas as to what some of those names could be?

Also, in regards to yesterday's Honda Accord revelation, do you think it's possible that someone makes a wrong turn going downtown for the LDS General Conference and winds up getting allowed into the ESA parking lot?

I'm excited as anyone to see what the new team brings but I just got a bit more excited about what Fesenko might do now that he's under 300 lbs after losing 25 pounds since last season. Not mentioning the obvious help that should give him physically, I'm more impressed how much he's matured over the past few seasons without losing his core personality.

It looks like there are only going to be two pre-season games carried on TV. We'll still have game threads for all of them, but I don't know how worked up we can get watching game cast.

Thursday poll,