Step right up and get your Andrei Kirilenko '09-'10 highlights!

...though when I say '09-'10, I really mean a 25-game span between January and March. My original cut just from this span was 13 minutes. The final is 8+ minutes, and I know that there are some that aren't going to sit through the entire thing, but what could I do? The process ended up taking days longer than it might otherwise have because half the time, I got caught up watching the highlights instead of editing them.

AK started the last 21 of the 25 games and the Jazz went 21-4.

The media always wanted to say that Deron and Boozer had great chemistry. I suppose this is natural, because everyone is always waiting to crown some player "the next [fill in the blank]," and since Deron and Boozer were playing in Utah, it was natural to declare them the next Stockton-to-Malone. Going through games, however, it was Deron and AK-47 that had the best on-court chemistry.

If I asked you to picture Deron in your head, nine out of ten times he probably looks sullen and/or pissed off. During this stretch of the season, when the Jazz offense was purring like it hasn't in a decade, Deron was happy, smiley, loose, and relaxed. It was almost...weird. It might be the happiest he's been on the court, except for, you know, that time when he was playing in the All-Star Game in Dallas and wishing he played for the hometown team. @_@

AKWSUA. That is all.

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