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The Downbeat - 8 September 2010 - #311 - The Summer Is Always Longest Before The Dawn Of Training Camp Edition

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  This is where you and I part ways Mr. Malone.  Also, not enough third-person references.

  Apparently the people of Kemmerer, WY aren't impressed with the Jazz and their fancy basketball.  It looks like they get the lowest turnout of the Jr. Jazz summer tour that gets handed to the rookies (from someone's personal blog, I won't link to it),

I got to talk with the Jazz guys and get to know them...they were so kind and so gracious...they were telling me how year after year it is always Kemmerer that has the most dismal turnout.The night before they were in Lander and said they had a packed gym of about 300 was the first time I felt a little ashamed, Kemmerer is 7.4 square miles and Lander is barely half of that.    

Granted, it's not Deron showing up but surely they could pull more than the dozen or so kids that were reportedly there?  It does have to be a bit of a downer for guys like Jeremy Evans who gives up a huge chunk of his summer to do the Lord's work with the fans of all of these small communities.

On the other hand, now you know where to go next summer to meet up with the latest rook.

 moni's got a great collection of quotes showing just how much pain and injury that Stockton and Malone played through.  But from one of those quotes, there's this from the Deseret News,

You had to be there after Jeff Malone practiced with the Jazz for the first time. Stockton asked him where he liked to receive his passes, at what speed and angle. They practiced for 15 minutes, one pass, then another, and another, each identical. It was the way Malone would receive virtually every pass, no matter what the situation, for the next 279 games he played for the Jazz.    

Did he also ask him which seam on the basketball he preferred?

  This is the type of non-Jazz stuff that you may occasionally get during the off-season.  But for those that are children of the early 90's, here's your Beavis and Butthead great music critic moments.  Oh, and they're bringing the show back as well.  Yesss. (via ShareBros)

  Wednesday open poll, What's your best terrible pun using a Jazz player's (past or present) name in a joke/comment/etc.?  Here's a list of players.