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The Downbeat - 11 January 2011 - #401 - The I Must Bre..., Er, Join You Edition

Is the cold war officially over? Drago has joined the Americans? Should AK's hairstyle be different from Masha's?


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Why you may thing this is the Oath of Allegiance, AK is in actuality swearing to return to the Jazz next season no matter what happens at the trade deadline to the delight of all AK fans.

In all seriousness, congratulations to the Kirilenkos on becoming US citizens.

It feels a bit weird that in the month that there are 16 games (tied for the most with November) that we've had three consecutive days without a game.

The Jazz are favored in 4 of their next 5 with the lone exception being @ Boston next week. The only other games they won't be favored for this month are @ LAL and home the next night against San Antonio.

So of the 11 remaining games this month (13 in all of February due to the AS break), the Jazz are favored to win 8 of those.

There's no guarantees in Jazzland of course. The Knicks at home tomorrow night won't be easy. They should beat the Cavs before heading out an a five-game roadie against Washington, New Jersey, Boston, and Philly. They should win those games against the Wizards and the Nets. It would be great timing if the Melo trade didn't go down until after then but happened before they played the Nuggets at the beginning of next month. I'm penciling Boston in as a L and the Philly game is one they should win but the second game of a back to back will be tough.

After a two-day layoff, they fly cross-country to play in LA before coming back home against San Antonio. I don't have any delusions of the Jazz winning in LA no matter what the Laker's struggles might be. And given that Superman has given everyone a key to the Fortress of Solitutude apparently, I'm no optimistic about that Spurs game either at home.

They finish out the month against the Wolves, Warriors and Bobcats, games they should win.

So if the Jazz can go 8-3, maybe even picking up an unexpected win combined with a disappointing loss to a lesser team, that will be a good finish to the month.

via Brian T. Smith:


I thought he might change things up tomorrow given that they've had three days to practice and work in a new starting unit.

Nothing is a given in an NBA game and I know Sloan isn't in to toying with his lineup, but it would seem like a good time to make a change would be against the Cavs on Friday at home. They're a terrible team and inserting CJ or Hayward would allow him to evaluate and try another rotation without hurting their chances at a W terribly.

G-Time has played better recently but the best lineup on the floor has still been with CJ swapped out for Bell according to the numbers.

This T-shirt, yeah or nay?


Tuesday open poll... How do you make the time go faster with such a huge break between games?