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The Downbeat - 12 January 2011 - #402 - The No Matter How Bad You Have It, Someone Always Has It Worse (Unlesss You're The Cavs) Edition

Finally, some Jazz basketball tonight. They haven't fared well at all after long breaks such as this. The good news is that New York played last night, and took out the Blazers in the process. The bad news, the Knicks took out Portland and are playing well coming into the SLC.

My recent in-game attendance record has been shaky, but I'll there again tonight. I should go get some cardboard and make a sign. BBJ Jr. will also be making his first appearance since he was 1.

Man, you really have to feel for the Cavs players and their fans. The 112-57 score really doesn't do it justice. I mean a 55-point beat-down is one thing, but this was just...

I looked at the losses during the 03-04 season after the Jazz had lost their stars and the biggest loss I could find was a 25-point blowout to the Mavs at the end of the season (there might be one higher, I just did a quick glance).

They lost by 55 and barely scored that amount total. Friday's game better not be close. This sad Mo Williams gif tells the story.

You've likely seen this on TBJ or BDL already. I forgot to put it on the DB yesterday. Sloan has some pretty good acting skills,

Bear's Swear Jar (via OfficialUtahJazz)

If your father is HOF John Stockton and you go to his alma mater and you do this, you're going to be asked the question, "Would John have done that?" From SI,

Yes, we know, the "marbles" dance was introduced to pop culture by President David Palmer, but it was Sam Cassell who popularized it as a real-life basketball celebration. And it was Stockton -- current Zags backup, son of Zags legend John -- who broke it out on the sidelines to celebrate a teammate's dagger in a win over Baylor on Dec. 18. The oh-no-we-can't-show-that-on-TV reaction of ESPN's best color man, Fran Fraschilla, was priceless.

You'll have to click through for the pic.

(h/t Ed King via moni)

SLC Dunk night out. Which game do you want to go to?