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Game Thread - New York Knicks (22-15) @ Utah Jazz (25-13)

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The Knicks are playing some good ball right now. They're beating who they're supposed to beat while losing only to the superior teams.

They started out the season rocky, but they're 14-6 over their last 20 games with their only losses coming to Boston, Miami (2X), the Magic, and the Lakers. However, they did have a loss against the Cavs in 2OT. That should count as at least 2 losses.

They're one of the best offenses in the league putting up an impressive 110 points per 100 possessions. As with a lot of D'Antoni teams, their defense still lacks though, ranking 20th in the league.

It's remarkable that the Knicks had a ton of turnover as well from last season and they're playing well. I thought that when they didn't land a second big name in free-agency after finally getting rid of their bad contracts, that they would struggle and maybe be around .500 for the season.

Amar'e is an MVP candidate. Landry Fields was a second-round steal (the one pick they did have). Raymond Felton has picked up his game. Ronnie Turiaf is a crazy beast. And Wilson Chandler has come out of nowhere.

There's not a guy on there team that is shooting below 35% from the arc. They will jack up a lot of threes. I guess it's hard to say jack up because they're efficient at it.

Maybe this is what the Jazz need to get going in the first quarter - to face a team that plays at a high pace. Of all nights, this is when the Jazz are going to need to be efficient and crisp on offense to keep up. Otherwise, I think I may bust out the "WE DO NOT APPROVE OF YOUR SHOT SELECTION AND YOUR GENERAL APATHY TO START THE GAME!" poster tonight if necessary.

Memo is back but he said that he's only going to be able to go for about 5 minutes in the first according to KFAN. They'll then evaluate from there.

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