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The Downbeat - 13 January 2011 - #403 - The From America, With Love Edition

Caption this from last night's win over New York

Back in the USSR! (I know that it's no longer called that). AK will return to Russia to play if there's a lockout. From the Trib,

[T]he 10-year Jazzman said Wednesday prior to tipoff against the New York Knicks that there is no question he will cross the globe to play basketball if the NBA has a widely predicted work stoppage.

I would assume that he would play for the newly formed Professional Basketball League given that the last one went out of commission last season. Their season is roughly the same as the NBA. If you look at the previous lockout, play didn't resume until February of 1999. We have no way of knowing when play would resume, but I wonder if AK would come back to play in the NBA next season or if he would finish things out there. I would assume with his Russian team he would have to have an out clause .

Deron after last night's game (via Kragthorpe),

"We got moving early, and it just kept us going for the rest of the game," Williams said.

It's one of those things that you know it when you see it but you can't quite state what the cause is. There wasn't just one thing responsible for last night's quick start. Blocks on the defensive end that got the Jazz out and going. There was good shot selection and there was the right pass made.

What I noticed the most from my sans DVR point of view was that there was a lot less standing around than there has been in the past. Everyone was moving even when the ball was dumped into the post. This should become the norm though and not the exception.

Hayward on playing for New York instead of Utah had they had the pick last summer (I don't think NY would have picked him anyway):

"I think it worked out good," he said. "I'm 20 years old and never lived on my own. I think it would have been a little crazy to go to New York."

Is he trying to say that 10 p.m. on a Wednesday night on North Temple doesn't compare to the mean streets of NYC? Because I've seen things...

via the DesNews

So after yesterday's vote for the SLC Dunk night out, there were some comments about doing a later game as well. I would be up for a second game. Let me know your thoughts with this poll...