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Game Thread - Cleveland Cavaliers (8-30) @ Utah Jazz (26-13)

Regardless of what Deron says, this one shouldn't be close tonight. The Cavs were a suspect team to start the season but having been hit by injuries, including losing one of their best players in Varejao, there's a reason why they're tied for the worst record in the NBA.

The Jazz have already played them once this season and won by 11 after pulling away in the third quarter. That was with Daniel Gibson hitting 7 three-pointers. He is out for tonight's game though.

They're last in the league in offensive efficiency, scoring just 100 points per 100 possessions. 106 is average this season and 112 leads the league. Only the Suns defensive woes prevent them from being at the bottom of the barrel in that category as well. Both of those things combined led to their 55-point drubbing against the Lakers in their last game.

Let's hope the Jazz continue the offense that they had against the Knicks and get rested for the early start on Monday (11 a.m. MST) against the Wizards.