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The Downbeat - 17 January 2011 - #405 - The Half-way Point Edition

Paul Millsap sat down with KSL (click through for the transcript):

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Technically the Jazz passed over Millsap as well (once). Glad to see though he's playing at even a higher level even without the "chip on his shoulder" attitude:

JJ: Do you play with a chip on your shoulder and do you still feel like you have to prove people wrong?

Paul: I don't feel like that anymore. Now I'm just out there trying to win, you know, playing my game. My first few years I tried to prove everyone wrong, you know, I tried to show everybody that I could play at this level. But now I'm more calm, I guess, I'm more stable so I feel another level of confidence that I can just get out there and play my game.

A party in Orem is like an ocean in a ________? Fess fills us in on this crucial SAT exam question. (h/t moni)

Fantastic pic of CJ's slam from Grossman at the Trib.

There shouldn't be any kind of rookie wall for Hayward given that he's only played 390 minutes over 34 games. Had he been averaging 20-25 minutes, then there might be something.

Hopefully that becomes an advantage as he keeps fresh legs down the stretch.

Monday open poll....

Just when there was some serious talk about making changed to the starting lineup due to their first-quarter woes, the Jazz hit a stretch of games where they played New York and Cleveland. Their next two games will showcase the Wizards and Nets. They played as well as we've seen them all year in those games. None of those teams though are going to put up much resistance on defense.

So was it good or bad timing? Bad timing in the sense that a change still needs to be made and this stretch of games will mask that? Or is it good timing because it's provided an invaluable boost for the starters?