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Game Thread - Utah Jazz (27-13) @ Washington Wizards (11-27)

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We won't have to worry about any Gilbert Arenas buzzer-beaters today. Two of the most un-tradeable contracts (Rashard Lewis & Arenas) were swapped for each other when the Magic shook up their roster in an attempt to get back into the Eastern Conference discussion. So no more Vince Carter (sent to Phoenix) and no more Lewis.

The Wizards now are looking to the future once again as John Wall becomes the face of the franchise. He hasn't had the rookie season that most though he would, though injuries may have been hampering him.

Washington has just 11 wins on the season with all of those coming at home (11-8). They've won their last three at home though those were wins over the Raptors, Kings, and Nets. Their biggest win has been over the Blazers earlier this season.

As you would expect with a team with only 11 wins, neither their offense nor their defense is very good. They're 25th in the league in offensive efficiency at just over 102 points per 100 possessions while allowing 108.6.

This is no doubt a young, rebuilding team. It will take a few more years for them to climb in the east and a lot of that will depend on how much Wall grows.

Let's hope the Jazz are awake for this one.