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The Downbeat - 20 January 2011 - #408 - The Where We Avoid Talking About Last Night Edition

   Kevin O'Connor explains what it takes to rebuild a team back into a contender after losing major players, something that Cleveland is trying to do now,

"You need three things," said Jazz General Manager Kevin O'Connor, who engineered the rebuilding. "You need the ability to sign free agents, and that means money under the cap. You need draft picks and you need the ability to get lucky once in a while on players."

O'Connor stressed the importance of stability within the franchise first (there was never a question the Jazz would retain Jerry Sloan, he said) and then staying patient and not making emotional, reactionary decisions that won't help the future of the franchise.

  Memo's new away shoe.  Yeah or nay?



  Thank to ForTheLove for the link to OSN's breakdown of Deron Williams by girlfriends who were watching the game with their boyfriends,

That poor small guy.  He is good at dribbling though.

  Lamar Odom has respect for Celtic and Jazz fans,

You walk around [Boston] and somebody driving his or her car yells, ‘Hey, Odom, f$%& you! We hate you!' They say it like they mean it, too-not like they're rooting for their team but like they really don't like you. There and Utah, the fans are nuts...They bring up all kinds of things. You'd be surprised. But the one thing I do respect about those places is that they know basketball. They know the game. You hit a nice bounce pass, you might hear, ‘Oh!' That's when you know you did it.    

  Karl Malone's daughter Kadee will be transferring from Tyler JC in Texas to Louisiana Tech (she already has a player profile).  She wasn't playing basketball at Tyler but still has to sit out a year.  How would she feel about rebounding for the Jazz?  We could use some of the Malone genes on the team.

And apparently Karl plays on his iPad.  That's something I didn't think I would ever write.  Next thing you know, Sloan will tweeting and sending out links to lolcats.