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Bill Simmons Names His All-star Reserves

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I can't disagree with any of his picks. He takes Deron and Westbrook as reserves:

Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams: I'm giving them the nod over Steve Nash, as much as it kills me. Yes, I just bumped a two-time MVP when he's (A) having a quality season, (B) one of the most beloved players in the league, and (C) one of the most entertaining point guards ever to play in a game like this. I'm like Lt. Kaffee after the Code Red -- I just weakened the country. Sweet dreams, son.

He also names his top All-star starting units with Malone making three of them,

The '63 West squad featured four of the best 15 all-time players in their primes or soon-to-be-primes: Wilt (averaged a 44-24 that year), Oscar (28-10-10), Elgin (34-14) and West (27 ppg), although Walt Bellamy was their fifth wheel (the guy George Kiseda once described as the "skeleton in the 20,000-point club"). We've also seen quintets like Bird-Isiah-Moses-Old Doc-Young MJ; Bird-Isiah-MJ-Nique-Slightly Aging Moses ('88 East); Mailman-Magic-Robinson-Mullin-KJ ('91 West); MJ-Isiah-Pippen-Barkley-Ewing ('92 East); Malone-Barkley-Stockton-Robinson-Drexler ('93 West); Shaq-Penny-Hill-MJ-Pippen ('96 East); GP-Young Kobe-Malone-Barkley-Shaq ('98 West); Shaq-KG-Duncan-Kobe-Kidd ('00 West); and even Howard-LeBron-Wade-KG-Washed-Up Iverson ('09 East).

Bill Simmons: 2011 NBA All-Star Game breakdown - ESPN