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Best Home-Court Advantage Over The Past Three Years? The Utah Jazz

That might not be the case this season (so far), but Jon Bois from SB Nation crunched some numbers to see how many more wins a team would have had they played all of their games at home. The average for the NBA is a 10% increase. The Jazz however would have won 20% more games had all of them been at the ESA:


The first take-away from this is that over the past three full seasons, the Utah Jazz have held the best home advantage in American professional sports.

That's not just the best percentage in the NBA, but in all of professional sports. What this shows though is the huge discrepancy there's been between home and road games for the Jazz the past few seasons.

It's nice to dream though. Last year's 53 wins? That magically turns into 63. 2009's 48 wins transforms into 57. And 54 wins in 2008 jumps 10 as well to 64.

Somehow we need to get 82 home games for the Jazz written into the new CBA.